Jinx Broken (3rd Week)

“Lord, today is Friday; guide me always, Father. Send me your wisdom and light and may this day be a prolific one.”

Glaring at the sky while in a cab, I couldn’t help myself but really utter this prayer, asking for help from Father God to guide me tenfold today for it is Friday. Yes – Friday! It is the day that my partner and I think that we have been jinxed in some way – that feeling that makes us likely to be unsuccessful or ineffective as a result of bad luck. For the past two weeks, the Fridays were outrageous for us; there were full of unlikable surprises that triggered ‘someone’ to discharge fire like a dragon at us. Of course, we understood ‘that person’ from doing so. We would admit that we had the biggest share why things turned out awful on those turbulent Fridays.

Looking back, while I was thinking on those Friday mistakes over the past weekend, a thought just suddenly popped out in my mind. Out of a blue, I asked myself: “Why do awful things happen to us just every Friday and not on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday – is it a Friday curse?” This might sound unempirical like a seat-of-the-pants conclusion. But mind you, never take too lightly this shallow realization because it paved the way to certain deep insights. The insights that I am referring to are the resolutions that I made for myself to follow for the whole week, so as to reconcile our Friday lapses. That of course because, just like anybody else, I do not want people getting mad at me evermore. I do not want to be remembered because of my flaws (that’s shameful); instead, I wish that people think of me chiefly because of the efforts I have done.

Hence, through contemplation, I resolved to be keener and to embody more initiative. Glimpsing on things in the eyes of a ‘third person’, I saw myself improving a lot. (That, of course, is not to brag.) I have been much keener now, whetted somehow by time and experience. Also, when we speak about initiative, I can say I have improved more. To cite an instance, roughly ten to fifteen minutes before the class, I would usually visit the workroom and see for myself Sir Gem to ask if there are things which he would like me to carry or to do. Another is this: every time there were papers that need to be distributed to the students, my partner and I would always volunteer to do the thing.

Adhering to the resolutions I made for myself all throughout the week, I get to break the jinx. I get to spend my 3rd Friday (November 25) so well, without being reprimanded. And this, I believe, is something that I would like to always emulate so that I will be having much steadier, better Fridays in the future.

Glory to God in the highest!



WHY? (2nd Week)

This is another week of fulfillment – a chance to constantly prove to myself the passion that God has given me for this calling. This week has been an opportunity to correct what has been done wrong in the past week, especially on the area of clerical works. Thus, everyone deserves a second chance.

Nonetheless, there are still moments that we find ourselves questioning the things that happen around us. This is exactly what I am seeing myself now. I am full of bewilderment.

But one aspect that I keep on pondering is the tendency of some students to fall asleep while the class is going on. Does this instance speak of the teacher’s manner of delivering the class? Do the students find the teacher’s lecture boring? We know very well that it is the teacher’s role to manage all these things. However, I recognize that there can be other factors that contribute to this predicament that is out of the teacher’s control. How do we address this dilemma, then?

This is my question. Do you have an answer?


Grace Amidst Adversity (1st Week)

Xavier University High School – Venturing in an environment unfamiliar to you takes a lot of courage and strength to withstand. Just like getting in to a new place with different perspectives, you need to abide to their customs and practices for you not to be called a ‘deviant’.

My first week in XU High School had been a battle between fear and courage. The place, at first sight, gave me an impression of a school that is threatening. The rules in which all have been following are too stern that even a little false move could easily be noticed. I said to myself “I am not growing with this kind of environment.” However, I had no other choice. I had to burn into ashes the fear I was carrying and allow my courage to rule over. “Anyway, I am here to learn and grow”, I said, “The three and a half long years that I spent in college would just be wasted if I don’t face this reality.” And so, here I am – standing straight and ready to indulge in the combat.

I was somehow calmed when I saw my ‘doppelganger’ standing in front of me. “Oh! In some ways, we look the same. Are we twins?” I jokingly told myself upon seeing Sir Gem Penetrante, my cooperating teacher. Well, that could be an obtrusive observation, I must say. He is just two year older than me and we both have the same physique – slender. I believe God has plans in making me work with Sir Gem. Well enough, I can see myself in him at some extent. This made me realize that I would not be having too much difficulty in adjusting myself when in front of my students. I thought to myself that it would help if I study the ways in which Sir Gem is used to doing. As supported by the theory of Bandura, I am applying what I learned about modeling and imitation. And so, here I am – a moving clone of Sir Gem.

One principle of human development is individual differences. I learned that individuals differ from one another in many ways. Sir Gem is a ‘superman’. I shall call him “an unconscious adherent of ubermensch, a Nietzschean ideology”. I am just so amazed on how he manages things – attending to his English classes , moderating class and organizations, giving recollections and retreats, to name a few. I wanted to be like him but my body stops me. Perhaps, it is just that I learn things slower than he does, and that is one of our differences that we must consider. With surety, I just need ample time to exercise the ‘superman’ in me.

Everything is in God’s control.