The Secret

Among of the challenging mazes that we, interns, should face in the entire length of the internship program is that we should get done and pass the demonstration. This is probably the most arduous, mind-freaking maze of the whole game. Yes! The internship program is as a game because the experience is full of perplexities as that of a maze that people needed to get over, which in the same way interns have to thrive for, too. And of course, embodying the spirit of Francis and the ideals of Ignatius, we are expected to exemplify ‘magis’. Mediocrity has never been given value for it is not getting us to wherever we should be; a full, hyperbolic preparation is the key en route for excellence. For that reason, we cannot afford not to give 100 percent preparation for our demonstrations.

The points I mentioned above perfectly encapsulate my whole 5th week experience in XUHS. I had series of demonstrations in grammar in all four sections I am assigned. A true, serious preparation was really my secret. I made use of multimedia, injecting a little clean humor to it, to have a more effective transfer of learning to my students. Also, since everyone was still recovering from nostalgia brought about by the Xavier Festival Days, I made it a point that my graphics and sample sentences were related to the said recently concluded university activity so that the students can relate more. This strategy is supported by what I learned in one of my English classes in college which states: one way to instill and lock a concept in the minds of the students is to localize the experience and bring it to the context of the students. And indeed, it was really effective. Additionally, I assimilated all the comments, both weak and strong, Sir Gem gave me during my very 1st demonstration which happened on the Thursday of the third week in XUHS. Minding all those things, I was able to push through my demonstrations this week productively. As a result, so many flattering, good comments had been articulated by Sir Gem after every demonstration I had this week. I also administered a long quiz to all the sections I handled about the lessons I discussed. The experience gave me a whole picture from teaching to testing. It was fulfilling after all.

Anyone who would say that he/she has not prepared that much for a certain episode of his/her life yet has pushed it through with flying colors is deceitful. As Galatians 6:7 in the Holy Bible puts it, for anything that a man sows, he reaps. Hence, in relation to the case mentioned above, this particular verse implies that one cannot harvest a true success without planting a good preparation. I’ll leave you this thought that would synthesize my whole experience this week: “Success depends upon previous preparation, and without such preparation, there is surely to be failure.”




Beyond the Routine

As everyone was so excited to see what XU Days this year would offer, I also kept abreast with this sensation that people around were feeling, as if I did not have many obligations to attend to for my classes. Perhaps, this is the very effect of that long period without having known the goings-on within the XU main campus. Filled with the excitement about the very last XU Days that I will be engaging while in college, I started to reminisce on the experiences I had in the past three years during XU Festival Days. Oh! How jovial and festive those were! While recollecting those memoirs encrypted in my mind, a thought popped out all of a sudden, and I asked myself: would I be able to spend my holiday now as blissfully as I did before? After hearing myself telling that question to my very self, my emotions began to alter for I know very well the very answer to that matter, that is: NO.

Even as much as I wanted to take part in the various activities during the festivity, myself would always pull me down the chair and persist to finish school stuffs: demo lesson plan, visual aids, bulk of papers to be checked, record book of students’ grades, reviews, to name a few. “Hay! This, probably, is really the life of a serious teacher”, I said to myself. Out of the blue, I found myself going along side with the beat of the cool music with friends during a certain party in the campus. Then, I slapped myself (honestly, literally); that was to force that I was just dreaming, but really, I was not. I was really there in the midst of a thousand of people partying as well. So, I just made out the most of everything while I was there and I temporarily stopped thinking about school stuffs. I said to myself, “I need this, too. I’d be too hard to myself if I don’t give myself a chance to experience these things. This just happens once in a blue moon.” And things went on and on.

This experience teaches me one thing. Despite being very mindful of the very rigid schedules ahead of us and works waiting for us, there would always be a point that we will search for recreation and glee. We cannot just simply confine ourselves with one routine all day long; that is very monotonous. Surely, our body would complain. All we need to do to have a more quality life is to be receptive of what our hearts and minds wish us to do; it is just like keeping a balance while reciting a performance in a beam. We just have to control and see to it that things are turning out well. Let us burn into ashes the ideology of the olds that goes “If you are a real, serious teacher, you need to be attending to your responsibilities first at all times, even if you feel like surrendering.”

“Tao needs a balanced life;
Teachers are tao;
Therefore, teachers, as tao, need balanced lives as well.”