If you haven’t seen a traditional bohemian attire for women, this is a good avenue to be familiar with it. Just go over the photos below.

You can also choose to dress up in these ways. It’s just a matter of mixin’ and matchin’ your clothes in your closets. Then, put on some accessories (hippy headbands, round boho hats, bangles, dangling earlobes and drooping necklaces). And, you get to have a total Boho-inspired get-up, then. Just go over the photos, girls!


Traditionally, bohemian attire (for men) resembles that of Johnny Depp’s outfit in the photo below. However, fashion paramours reshaped the traditional bohemian fashion for it to appear more contemporary and wearable in the modern-day. So, for our dear male seniors who are still undecided as to what to wear on our big day, do consider the outfits worn by the models as seen in the photos below.

The traditional boho/Caribbean outfit for men (Johnny Depp in Pirates of Caribbean)

If you feel like jarring, you can mix and match clothes these ways to look very free-flowing. Play with accessories, scarves and blazers.

If you also want to display a semi-formal look without getting off-track with the theme, you can actually pattern your outfits in the styles that these men below (in images) have worn.

Shorts, free-flow pants, deep V-necks, blazers, hats and the like (just go through the photos) are also good pieces for combinations to have a nice, stylish Boho attire.

The images below with models from StyleBible.Ph and  can also be your options to have a modern-boho get-up without sufficing your masculinity.

So, you got the information for our party already! I hope to see you all on MARCH 21 with your Bohemian-inspired outfits and spirit (just for that night, anyway)! I say, let us end our college years with a big blast, and this can be through our Seniors’ Night.

I love you royal mentors!


Sir Mark JL Oro



First off, maybe you are wondering if who Sir Gem NS Penetrante is. Well, allow me to describe him in very few descriptions based on his physical attributes and appearance.

Nobody would think that Sir Gem is a faculty member of Xavier University High School at first glance because he really looks like in our age or even younger than some of us. Actually, he is fresh from college; he just graduated AB Political Science at UP Manila two or three years past. Physically, he is slender and has a height around mine (5’5 ½) and has a fair complexion with semi-balding hairdo (1 by 1). He is fond of wearing a ‘simple shirt + jeans + chuck’ styling and often carries a black Lenovo laptop. Well then, if you can’t still recognize him, just scroll down the cursor and you’ll get to see a photo of him (see photos at the bottom of this page).

Beyond Words to Tell

Words are not enough to express how indebted I am to have a mentor like Sir Gem NS Penetrante. I may not express it very often, but I truly appreciate many things about him. Truthfully, his mentoring made a view-changing impact in me. He illuminated a lot of my misconceptions from the past on things concerning life and profession. He taught me to be human – a true embracer of life’s authenticity. Sir Gem taught me so many essentials about our profession and about life, in general. I always share to Ma’am Amphie, to my fellow interns and even to my family and friends that he is such a ‘superman’, who always seeks “to discover the limits of the possible by going beyond them into the impossible.” I have seen that he has always aspired to bring about the full potentials in him. What is more amazing about him is his phenomenal passion in teaching. Although the field in which he graduated was not parallel to teaching, still, he is able to exemplify outstandingly all tasks of a teacher. No wonder how loved and appreciated he is by his students and fellow teachers. As I voyage en route for my heart’s desire, I will always commit to memory that there came once in my way a ‘Sir Gem’ who played a big part in my formation to becoming an effective mechanism in service to God Almighty, people and country. Rest assured his influence will be with me ceaselessly.


In consort with the creative epistle [that] I gave him as homage for his genuine mentoring and guidance during the Valedecere are pillows which Ma’am Fe Sapon and I wittingly bought to remind him to take ample of rest. We made sure that the pillows are handy so that even if he is in the workroom, he can have a comfortable nap. I even included a notelet attached to the pillows with a piece of advice that goes: “Please take care of your health, Sir Gem. Puhunan natin ‘yan. Remember: Abusing our body does not only give inconvenience to us, but to students as well. They will surely feel bad and sad if they’ll know that the reason of your absence [simbako] is a pitiable health.” “Copy, Sir! [I] will always remember that”, he smilingly replied after having read the notelet. Then the following day, we, along with Ma’am Fe, had a teachers’ dinner at Bigby’s SM City to celebrate the friendship the three of us found.

More to life            

Only few teachers in the realm of teaching get to establish connection of a certain lesson to the real ways of life, insinuating the very essence of a thing. These few in number are the ones who see that there is more to life than the concepts being learned in school like in grammar, for instance. And, I have absolutely seen that in Sir Gem. Sir Gem and I hold the same view about the profession we have in common. Even though I just mimic mine from a teacher whom I got to across sometime in the past, Sir Gem and I are able to meet in one shared point; that is, we can perfectly transcend the art of teaching to further ascertain the true beauty of life and one’s self. We know that teaching is an art. Like in theatrical arts, we have to establish ‘affinity’ with our spectators so we can faultlessly put across what we mean to portray to them. In other words, we have to break the fourth wall that ‘disaffiliates’ us to them. In that way we can be truly compelling and more so become an efficient influence. In addition, in view of teaching, to learn the ability to regulate oneself when put in an unlikely situation is justly important. If our temper suddenly rises up, for instance, we have to learn how to compose ourselves in a way that we do not seem to displace our ill feelings to the students and/or we do not appear transparently ‘fake’ in their senses. It is not a matter of pretending but a matter of putting things in right perspectives, instead. If we are able to successfully develop this ability in us, there will not come a point that we get to harm or affect our students. Also, it helps us see ourselves beyond what we used to it during our light and uncomplicated seconds.  This art is a skill that is not learned overnight but is a product of an extensive process, and is something really ‘more to life’.

The Superman: Sir Gem NS Penetrante

The Trio had a fun and delicious full-chuck treat at Bigby's SM Cagayan de Oro.

The Trio in the Workroom

The Trio

(L-R) Sir Mark Oro, Ma'am Fe Sapon and Sir Gem Penetrante


Sir Mark poses while holding Sir Gem's gift for him.


The Trio poses during the Valedecere: Interns' Tribute.

Sir Mark and Sir Gem