Doing My Own Thing: Modeling

Just as others think teachers are just confined of doing the piled works in their cubicles and/or of facilitating students’ learning within the four walls of their classrooms, I go outside of the norm of the teaching profession. I did something extraordinary of a teacher – that is getting into modeling.

Modeling has really been a huge dream since my high school years. Having been exposed to various modeling activities in school and in the community (not to mention the “Mr & Ms” stints) as well as to friends who are into it, I really develop the passion for it. I started doing this kind of thing during my first year in college. It was when a friend from high school (Yza de los Angeles Photography) invited me to pose for her with Kristine Eblacas. At first, I felt a bit edgy on doing it because I had not tried doing one before. I might disappoint the photographer and my co-model (not to mention the people who’d surely feast our photos).

Criticism is really one thing I successfully worked out for. Before, I hated those people who threw their spiteful disparagement against me and my works. I couldn’t exactly pinpoint why I hated the act; all I know then was it lowered down my self-esteem and confidence. However, thanks to many exposures which carry criticisms! Now, I can compose myself and see a better perspective whenever disparagement are thrown on me. Well, I just make sure they sound constructive, though. Because of these, many opportunities went along the way. There come photographers Chara Lee, Ritz Celso, Angelie Paredes, to name a few. I also had few invites to ramp modeling.

Up to now, I still consider modeling a way of life. It’s not that I want to make it a source of living; I just want to see it as a mere form of entertainment or past time where I can derive pleasure and relaxation from it. I must admit, I am vain. I love to see my own self image. I am in love with myself. I am Narcissus.





It’s exactly 12:00 AM of the 29th of September, 2012 – exactly three days after you celebrated your 21stbirthday, and let me be the last to greet you a HAPPY BLISSFUL BIRTHDAY. Well, I have a habit of being fashionably late every time. This time around I was no different. Sorry for that dude, but it is just part of the plan. (hehehee)

After thinking for several hours on the 25th of September as to how I could make my greeting different and special from those of others, I came up with this risky-but-meaningful scheme. Yes, I already anticipated that it’s really going to be risky because you might misunderstand my passiveness on the very day you celebrated your birthday. In spite of my awareness of that probability, I still pursued my plan because it is meaningful to me (and I hope to you, too). I decided to greet you “three” days after the 26th of this month because “three” is important to me. Aside from the mere fact that my natal day fell on a third day of June (in which my coming up in this world gets me ahead to know you and have you as my best buddy), “three” also stands for “mahal kita dude” or in English “I love ya.” (HAHAHAHA-awkward moment) This might sound strange and funny, for men find it difficult to say or uncomfortable to use, but really, I’m serious. I just so thank God for havin’ a bekoy/papartz, a best bud who, in good and bad times, was always there to support and comfort me for almost “three” years of golden friendship – a real prized gift, indeed.

And on your 21st birthday, I only have three wishes for you. First, with God as the pilot, I wish that you always find meaning on your existence and on all sorts of engagement, even when things are and will be getting different. Remember to understand that nothing evil or ill is willed by God. Second, with your family as the compass, I wish that you search for the right path where you can truly be happy in every way that you can possibly be. Lastly, I wish that you continue to be humble especially to those who admire your intelligence, talents, and personality. Stand like a coconut tree which goes straight on top but does not forget to look back on its roots as manifested by its leaves’ direction. I believe that you will get far with your dreams and ambitions in life. As your best bud, your #1 supporter and confidante, I will always support you no matter what happens along the way.

Angels are few, and so are you; that’s what that makes you even more special. God bless you on your 21st. Happy birthday SIR DONDEE!


Your bestbud,



PS: I hope that you like my gift for you. I really thought about it with full discernment. (hehe) It’s a cross with a scented candle. It will always remind you to remember of our Father’s unconditional love for us.