Doing My Own Thing: Modeling

Just as others think teachers are just confined of doing the piled works in their cubicles and/or of facilitating students’ learning within the four walls of their classrooms, I go outside of the norm of the teaching profession. I did something extraordinary of a teacher – that is getting into modeling.

Modeling has really been a huge dream since my high school years. Having been exposed to various modeling activities in school and in the community (not to mention the “Mr & Ms” stints) as well as to friends who are into it, I really develop the passion for it. I started doing this kind of thing during my first year in college. It was when a friend from high school (Yza de los Angeles Photography) invited me to pose for her with Kristine Eblacas. At first, I felt a bit edgy on doing it because I had not tried doing one before. I might disappoint the photographer and my co-model (not to mention the people who’d surely feast our photos).

Criticism is really one thing I successfully worked out for. Before, I hated those people who threw their spiteful disparagement against me and my works. I couldn’t exactly pinpoint why I hated the act; all I know then was it lowered down my self-esteem and confidence. However, thanks to many exposures which carry criticisms! Now, I can compose myself and see a better perspective whenever disparagement are thrown on me. Well, I just make sure they sound constructive, though. Because of these, many opportunities went along the way. There come photographers Chara Lee, Ritz Celso, Angelie Paredes, to name a few. I also had few invites to ramp modeling.

Up to now, I still consider modeling a way of life. It’s not that I want to make it a source of living; I just want to see it as a mere form of entertainment or past time where I can derive pleasure and relaxation from it. I must admit, I am vain. I love to see my own self image. I am in love with myself. I am Narcissus.


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