Do you consider your confrere equally? Do you view them according to who are ‘dogs’ and ‘serpents’?

It is part of our human nature to keep people whom we can really give our trust, knowing that these people can keep good company. By good company, what I presume is that they can help us get through with our problems by their sincere advices and simple presence, aside from the laughter and other good forms of hearty chuckle.

In my workplace, I can cite a few colleagues whom I regard as “dogs” or shall I say, epitomes of “trusted ones”, including my fellow English teachers, especially T. Nessa, T. Gwen, T. Faith, T. Lore, and T. Bless whom I regularly have my lunch and dinner with in our favorite fast food chains in our locale. I also consider as such T. Mildred (Science teacher), T. Anna (Science teacher), T. Carol (Filipino teacher), and Sir Kevin (Math teacher) whom prior to this teaching career I already had establish good friendship with. Although they are few, I know I can trust them. I always still believe that it is better to keep few companions rather than to keep many but are latent, camouflaged, and masked. Anyway, there exists beauty when keeping only a few. It can actually allow us to know them even better.

It is not that I am being choosy of whom I should befriend; I am just being acute. In these moments, it is hard to fully give trust and to openly share yourself with others in a matter of first or second (and even third) acquaintance. Dogs and snakes do both exist. They come in different ways, times, and forms. That is why, we have to decipher carefully who among the people whom we get to connect with are the ‘dogs’ and the ‘snakes’.

Note: This is generally encompassing.


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