I had idolized some people from the movie industry before. When I idolized before, I used to bolster the image of my favorites through sharing to my friends about the movies they starred or any trivia about their personality. (My friends love to natter around, too.) However, this admiration at present toward this one Bollywood celebrity is something different from the way I showed admiration to my favorites before. I started to get myself signed up for his blog page for me to be abreast, follow him on twitter, view videos in youtube of his different appearances, read articles from google about him, and blog something about him like this. I am only referring to this Bollywood actor, director, writer, and producer named Aamir Khan.

Roughly three years ago, Aamir Khan gained fame in the Philippines because of his films Three Idiots, the highest grossing Hindi film of all times, and Every Child Is Special. These films have become highly prominent, especially to the field of education since these films were central to the understanding of learning and education, in general. During the release of these films in the Philippine market, I didn’t miss the chance to watch them. Even my professors in college used these films as materials in teaching.

Although it was released in India a year before Three Idiots was produced, Ghajini (2008), which Aamir Khan starred himself, gained popularity here in the Philippines just after the two previously mentioned films gained. Some of my friends had watched the film but were not really impressed compared to Three Idiots. That’s why I didn’t bother to watch it. At that time, Aamir Khan was not yet one of my favorites. I just plainly adore his achievements and his brilliance in his field.

One night last October 2012, while idling inside our room, my roomies and I agreed to watch a movie. One roomie suggested that we watch Ghajini. I was not so excited about it, but I still religiously pay attention to it. As the movie went on, I started to like it so much that even the slightest scenes I was carried away. The film has an amazing plot. I so love how it rolled romance, comedy, and suspense into one. I just couldn’t help crying, together with my buddies, by the time Asin (the lead actress) was fighting for life and death inside her flat against a group of armed men who were pushing illegal business, headed by their master Ghajini. A lot of points for reflection stem from that single scene.  One point is that no matter how much you fight for what is worth fighting for a common good or cause, there comes along the way a thing or person who will really haunt you for doing what is right. We can’t regulate everything because there are some people who think about themselves alone, as exemplified by Ghajini. Second point is that we should know who we are in conflict with even in the slightest argument that we get into. We don’t have special powers like the superheroes who can attack the evil ones as easy as winking an eye. We have to be armies in our own special way; we need to be fully armed before we embark upon a war.

Moreover, the love affair formed in the film was also a key technique to provide varied emotions in the film. A tragic ending stems from a light love affair. I’m on my twenties, but I must admit, I still felt enchanted with the sweet scenes (kilig eksena) of Aamir Khan and Asin. Although the story of their love affair is very common – a man, who comes from a very affluent social class, met a typical sassy woman, who toils very hard for a living, in a comical circumstance and eventually fell in love with the latter, I still find it adorable. Probably, the contributing factor is the actual age bracket of the characters themselves; they are matured enough to play the roles. There was no sweltering kissing or hard romance involved, but love as the subject still clearly came into view. I must say, the film was deliberately planned, really.

Generally, my admiration toward Aamir Khan as a person who inflicts influence not only in his own industry but also in other fields, especially in education, will keep me motivated to follow him in my own simple ways. Well, I also have my own share of contributing something large to the world. I have to keep it, I vow. You attest.


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