Christmas is probably the most looked forward occasion all year round. Aside from the fact that it is the longest celebrated among all holidays, it is also the time where our respective families and friends are usually gathered altogether. For younger ones, it is really the time of the year that they eagerly look out for because of the gifts they anticipate to receive. Well, who wouldn’t yearn for one after all? Each of us has own individual wishes, materially or immaterially. Normally, we put these wishes in a list so-called wish list.

Like any other persons, I also feel ecstatic every time Christmas is forthcoming. I also prepare my own wish list. I normally start listing down the things that I want to get hold as early as September.  This year is no different; I also prepared a list. The list is divided into two wishes – material and immaterial.

In my material wish list, I included some items I so yearn to add in my collections. First, I want to have a new pair of brown-colored contact lenses. Since I have an eye-sight problem, I prefer a graded one, with the left eye having an estimated grade of -2.25 and -2.75 for the right. Second, I want to have a new well-fitting leather jacket. A crew-neck sweater or a cardigan will also do. Third, I want to have a new set of perfumes or body mists. I want to try wearing a different scent each day of a week. Fourth, I want to load my fridge with assorted chocolates. I just so love them, for they transform my tough and draining day into something bright and breezy one. Those are some material wishes I keep for myself.

In my immaterial wish list, I included some important intrinsic worth. First, I need wisdom for me to make sensible decisions and judgments based on personal knowledge and experience. Second, I need love for me to be capable of giving love and to be loved in return. Third, I need prosperity for me to enjoy the condition of helping others with dire needs. Fourth, I need peace – in mind and with other people. Fifth, I need a firm faith to God, for me not to be easily drawn to unworthy lures. All these I need for me to see a bigger and better picture of myself and of others.

The idea of gift-giving, indeed, makes us become more excited to look forward to the jolliest season of the year. As time evolved, gifts and surprises someway contribute to the wholeness of the occasion. Yet, let us not forget that the true essence of Christmas has never changed; the spirit lies in the birth of Christ. He is the primary reason why we have been celebrating this yuletide. So, this Christmas, let us not only look forward for the gifts we are to receive but also remember the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Have a merry Christmas!



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